What’s the point?

I really don’t like blogs.  (Mostly because I don’t know what to say).  When I first heard about the concept of blogging, I thought it was dumb.  Why would anyone want to read anyone’s ramblings? Why would anyone want to post their personal information, thoughts, and feelings? I really didn’t get it. But you have to remember that most of my experience with blogs and such were on MySpace which = teenagers who don’t know boundaries.   Yet now, most of the management team here at LWFC have blogs.  I’ve been reading theirs, and looking at the blogs that they look at, and I’ve become intrigued.  You really can learn a lot from people’s ramblings!  Most of the blogs that I’ve seen have been people’s thoughts and things they’ve learned in their quiet times, from their pastors, and other events.  Its kind of neat to see what God is doing in individual people as well as their ministries all over the country.  We really stress being “culturally relevant” here at LWFC, so I guess its about time I jump on the blogging band wagon!  But I have to tell the truth, I only started this blog because my boss wanted to start one, and I needed to figure it out first before I showed him how to get one started … but just the same, I’m kinda into it now!


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