A Stalker, A Walk, And Being Banned From KFC!

We flew in today for our much needed and long awaited vacation to Orlando. We had the absolute greatest set up for this vacation … God is so great! My parents gave us a week in their timeshare and our flight was paid for using a travel voucher Jamie won at a Missions Conference earlier this year. The flight was good (early, but good), the rental car is great, and we even got to check in 6 hours early!

We needed to go to the grocery store, and you can’t go hungry, so after napping we went to find food. Wendy’s was the first choice but Jamie decided that KFC was a better choice. As I sit here writing this over 8 hours later, my tummy is STILL not happy. So not only is Jamie banned from picking food, he is banned from ever even suggesting KFC ever again. Eww. So we went to the grocery store to stock up on snackies for the week, then we came back to the resort for more napping. (Vacationing is hard work!). Then Jamie decided we needed to take a walk …

My tummy was hurting, I was tired, and walking was not a part of my plan. To convince me of the excitement, fun, and need for a walk, Jamie began to do a dance that strangely resembled a routine from Richard Simmon’s “Sweatin’ To The Oldies”… and that’s my side of the story!

On the elevator down to the walk, an unusual family got on. There were like 4 adults and an innumerable amount of children that kept flowing in and out of the elevator. The oldest man in the group asked me if there was vodka in my water bottle (yeah, you know it!), and then made some comment about its a good thing Jamie and I aren’t married (cause the rings on our left hand are just for show). So we made it through the elevator ride, parted ways, and began our walk. On the other side of the resort, we ran into them again going the opposite direction. And the we saw them again going in the OTHER direction about 30 minutes later … are we following them or are they following us?

… we may never know.


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