me vs the rain…

I am the head and not the tail, I am above only and not beneath, I am blessed going in and blessed going out … BUT I HATE THIS RAIN!

It was a beautiful morning, not a rain cloud in sight, and I could see the bright blue sky and hot tanning sun through the windows of The Masters Touch International Church where Jamie and I attended church this morning. Dr Mark Chironna spoke at DBTW07, and his church is here in Orlando, so we decided to check it out. Its pretty different than LWFC, but it was good. He taught out of 2 Kings 4:2 and was talking about oil and annointing and some prophesies that had been given about TMTIC. The ushers (they called them Servant Leaders) were good, and there were pews (for real.) The sanctuary was beautiful and even had a water fall on the back wall. It was pretty sweet. I even got a chance to meet Misty, Dr Chironna’s admin whom I worked with on DBTW. When we got out of the service, it was still gorgeous outside, so Jamie and I went in search of lunch.

After a couple of stops we finally made it to Five Guys Burgers and Fries (mmmmmm). We came back to the hotel, and as we pulled into the parking lot, off in the distance, my nemesis appeared … we hurried to the room, changed into our bathing suits, slapped on some low SPF sunscreen and ran to the pool. The whole way I was telling the cloud to go away. It looked like it was going to pass by without a drop of rain. I settled into my chair on the pool deck and Jamie dove in. The speakers at the pool were playing some oldies, the sun was hot, and life was good. Then the rumbling began. Oh, I wasn’t having any of it, so I kept telling it to go away. I’m sure the other people at the pool thought I was nuts. After only a song and a half, the sirens went off. Jamie and I have been hearing those a couple of times a day and couldn’t figure out what they meant … we found out. Before the siren even finished screaming its ugly little squeal, a resort employee came walking up yelling “Pool’s Closed!”.

And here I sit, un-tanned and scheming how to beat the rain. Tomorrow we go to DeLand to visit Jamie’s grandmother, so I’m going to get up before lunch and go lay out at the pool before the rain can have a chance to ruin my tanning-plans. I will beat it yet…


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