Aaahhh yes, the sweet sunburn of victory!! I finally triumphed over the rain today! I woke up at 9 am and was at the pool by 9:30am! I had plenty of time to lay out, soak up the sun, and Jamie and I even had a few swimming competitions. Then we showered and ate and headed off to Deland Florida where Grandma Tobler lives.

We had a good visit and ate dinner. Uncle Steve cooked steaks and I was having flashbacks of Napoleon Dynamite. Its a good thing that no one rode by on a bike or I may have launched my steak at their head (if you haven’t seen the movie, just keep walking). So yeah it was good, it was really the first time I had ever gotten a chance to speak to Uncle Steve. The first time I met him was in a wedding dress (me not him) and I only got to speak to him for a moment. And it was neat to see Grandma Tobler again for the second time. It amazes me how much you take for granted with your own family. Its so easy to slip right into the groove with your own family. You know what stories to bring up, what NOT to talk about, and what makes people laugh. But its so weird being at your “grandmothers” house and not really knowing any of that. I’m so used to the Bailey family (Jamie’s mom’s side) because we see them several times a year. But the Tobler side I’m not as familiar with. They are great people and I look forward to getting to know them better as the years go by.

When we got back from the Grandma trip, we went to watch the movie showing at the Resort Theatre. We saw Disturbia… well written, scarred the snot out of me, but ended on a good note so I can sleep tonight. And all I have to say about my fellow movie-goers is this … young children would behave better and scream less if you put them to bed on time and didn’t let them watch scary movies late at night.

It was a good day…


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