so much of nothing

having “nothing to do” is taken for granted.  while too much free time isn’t always a good thing, having plenty of it from time to time is wonderful.  what did we do today on vacation you ask … NOTHING.  we slept in, played at the pool, watched tv, surfed the internet, went to dinner, and talked.  it was great.  aaah, its so nice.  we have no obligations, no deadlines, no schedules.

but at the same time its hard to turn your brain off.  work stuff still has a tendency to swirl around up there, but when you love your job its not such a bad thing.  tomorrow is our last day and as sad as that is, its a good thing.  this week has been really relaxing, and its given us a great chance to talk like we haven’t had a chance to in a while.  but its about time to get back in the game…


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