shiloh met his cousin rocko last night for the first time. shiloh is an obedient dog and has never tried to fight for dominance with any other dog. so i was a little bit concerned when he met his new cousin who is literally 2x his size. they did good though… they sniffed, circled, sniffed, and other weird things that dogs do and they proceeded to “play’. by “play” i mean spar. rocko would try to “dominate” shiloh, and shiloh actually fought back! i’ve never heard him growl like that, but it was strange because it was not a mean vicious growl. he just wanted rocko to know that he was not going to be the lady of this relationship.

they got a long very well, in their fighting playing way… but then they came inside. they kept trying to play in the same way they had outside and “grandma” wasn’t happy about it. so we kept trying to break them up. they obeyed and did well, until the bone entered the picture. this rawhide bone brought out the worst in them! they were actually fighting over it. so we had to do a “dog whisperer” style intervention with them.

they both ended up on their back until they could relax and calm down. it worked GREAT! after that they remembered where their place was (they are #2, we are #1). and from then on out, they were good …

Thanks Cesar!


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