flowers and friendship

My friend Tabitha brought me flowers on Friday. She was at the Farmer’s Market, saw some wildflowers, and thought of me. I was so surprised… how sweet! There she is, 9 months pregnant, having so much to think about preparing for her daughter to be born, and she thought of me. I was really touched

.Flowers from Tabitha

You know, the Bible says in Proverbs 18:24 “A man that has friends must himself be friendly”, and that has really become truth in my life recently. As a young Pastor’s wife, and a leader in the church, things can be lonely sometimes. Jamie and I have found ourselves, as many church leaders and pastors do, without many “friends”. Sure there are people that we associate with, our co-workers and such, people that we love dearly, but no one that we can really just “be ourselves” with. So many times we are in Ministry-Mode and are conscious of what we are pouring into people and how we are portraying ourselves, that it’s hard to let our guard down. But just the other day at lunch I experienced one of the greatest honors of my life…

Tammy Queen is our Student Ministries Pastor, and has been my mentor for many years. We have gone on mission trips together, we room together on youth trips, and I have served under her for the past 6 years or so. We were at lunch with the Youth Management Team this week, just as a time to hang out with no agenda or issues to discuss (a rare treat). She went around the table thanking all of us for our work in the Student Ministries. When she got to me, she told me that she considered me a friend. I was shocked. Someone that I have looked up to for so long, thought of me as her friend. I am so honored …


One thought on “flowers and friendship

  1. Aww… I’m glad that you liked them. 🙂 Something small but my appreciation for you is BIG! Thank you so much for the baby shower. It really means a lot to me. Thank you for “showing yourself friendly” even through all of my many quirks. 🙂

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