my hero

When asking young children who their hero is, you get answers like Superman, Spiderman, Batman, and various sport stars. When determining who your hero is, you have to look at certain criteria. Little kids pick those people as their heroes because they usually represent something that they want to be or obtain.

In my life I have several heroes: my mom, for the sacrifices she made for me. my husband, for his heart for people and his love for God. and my brother.

My older brother serves as a medic in the Special Forces of the Army. He has served for 7 years, has jumped out of airplanes, hunted terrorists in war zones, and is now getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan with SF. He is my hero because of the freedom he fights for. He didn’t have to join the Army, he wasn’t drafted, and he was not forced to re-enlist after returning from a year in combat. He fights for our country because he knows its right. He sacrifices time away from his wife, and puts his life on the line everyday because he understands that freedom isn’t free.

I will sleep in peace tonight knowing that he is on the front lines protecting me.

Go get ’em, Snotface!!


(I used younger pictures of him because that is the way I want to always see him. I always want to remember the brother I grew up with, and want to distance my thoughts of him as a trained and skilled warrior. It just makes it easier … )


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