Life Lessons Part 2

One day there was a bird who decided that he did not want to migrate south with the flock. As winter approached, the bird got colder and colder and finally figured out that he made a dumb decision. As he took off to try and catch up with his flock, he began to get colder and colder, until he finally froze through and through and fell to the ground. As he was laying on the ground the realization that he was living his last moments became too much for him. Crying to himself as he felt his life slip away, he saw a cow walking towards him. The cow sniffed him, turned around and “plopped” on him. “FANTASTIC”, thought the frozen bird, “I’m spending my last moments of life covered in cow poop!” But as he lay in the frozen field covered in poo, he realized that he was beginning to warm up, and feeling was returning to his wings. He realized that he won’t die after all! In his udder (haha) excitement he began to sing and flap around. This caught the attention of the barn yard cat, who came over, scrapped of the poo, and devoured the thawed bird.

Moral of the Story:

1. Not everyone who poops on you is an enemy

2. Not everyone who scraps off the poop is a friend

3. When life poops on you, keep your mouth shut


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