Parents are Scary!

I was at the mall today with Ty, Nichole’s 2 year old son. She was getting her wisdom teeth removed (the chipmunk look is good on you, Nichole), so I took Ty to play at the mall. While we were playing at the Playground (okay, Ty was playing, I was watching), a fight broke out. Sure, the kids scuffle around and sometimes get upset, but I’m not talking about a fight between kids. It was the parents that were fighting!

This lady had her three kids (aged about 8, 5, and 4 months), and the oldest was running around almost knocking over other kids. He flew by this grandpa and almost knocked over his little granddaughter. The next time the kid came flying around the corner almost knocking over the little girl, the grandpa grabbed the boys arm and told him to stop running then let him go. About 10 minutes later the mother came over and said to the grandpa, “I don’t mind you telling my child to stop running, but don’t grab him”. The conversation continued with phrases like “I’ll grab him any time I need to”, “your children are out of control”, “learn how to train your children”, “get out of my face”, and “go sit down”. She responded with things like, “you are being rude”, “you are being obnoxious”, “i’m not in your face”, “you don’t tell me what to do”, “you don’t know who you are talking to”, and “I have witnesses that you grabbed my son”. It was crazy. I was sitting right next to the man as this “discussion” is going on. I could feel this lady’s blood pressure rising… it got to the point where they either needed to throw a punch or walk away. So the lady walked away…

As the grandpa was putting his granddaughters shoes on, he said to me, “Ma’am, I apologize, I’m sorry you had to hear that.” I just sorta acknowledged that he spoke and look away … I was not about to get into a conversation with this guy. As soon as he left, the mother came over trying to get my side of the story. I wasn’t interested in talking with either of these weirdos!

People need to chill out!


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