Meesa Chickabee

If you have seen the movie Nell, you know what the title is… if you haven’t seen that movie, let me explain. The phrase was what Nell called her sister, even after she was gone. On Friday night, one of our sisters was taken from us. Judy Bell was an amazing woman, so giving, full of life and laughter.

Better than any words can express, is the legacy that a person leaves behind. Because of the life that Judy lived and the impact that she had on so many people … almost 120 people gave their lives back to God this weekend. They say you cannot see the wind, but you can see the effects of the wind. We may not be able to see Judy anymore, but we can always see the effect her life has had. Our hearts and prayers are with Willie and Jordan as they navigate this new stage in their lives.

To Judy, I have one thing left to say … TEEAAH IN THE WIIIN!!



One thought on “Meesa Chickabee

  1. thought you would want to know Jen, this was Judy’s VERY FAVORITE movie in the whole world! I found it on ebay a couple years ago, and gave it to her for her birthday! She was totally ecstatic! Her rendition of Nell and the flapping arms and the whole thing was such an experience! We all laughed hysterically everytime Judy would randomly insert a one-liner from Nell. thanks for the great memory!

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