Nature Wins Again!

We had another ultrasound today. Everything looked good. It is still too early to tell what “IT” is, we’ll have to wait another 4 weeks!!! We didn’t get any video of this one, because it wasn’t going to reveal anything significant, just routine check-up. We did get pictures though. Despite the fact that nothing “major” was revealed, we did see something that supports the NATURE side of the “Nature vs Nurture” argument. We saw the baby rubbing its feet together. This may seem insignificant to most people, but it is what I do when I’m sleepy. (it really irritated Jamie when we first got married, cause it made the covers magically pull to my side) It was funny to see the little 3 inch fetus doing something that I do! It will be funny to see what other traits this “kid” gets from us!


One thought on “Nature Wins Again!

  1. i am soo excited, and happy for you!!! you and jamie are going to make wonderful parents, — it is such a journey, but such an amazing one!!!

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