Take Me To Your Leader!

On our way to a much needed vacation, our poor little “Silver Bullet” kicked the bucket. We were a measly 4 miles from the hotel when our 1991 Saturn died. The car had gone well over 260,000 miles, but couldn’t make it another 4?? I guess I cannot complain too much because we only paid $50 for it 2 years ago. So we had it towed to a mechanic that was down the street from the hotel. The mechanic said it was going to be several hundred dollars to fix whatever the thing was that was busted (when you look on Kelly Blue Book, the value is listed as N/A), so we didn’t bother fixing it. The mechanic gave us $50 for the car (for scrap metal I guess), and we left it there. So that meant we were in search of a new car.

Jamie searched and searched, scouring the internet for a car that would meet our needs and that we could afford, especially with Carl/Cletus on the way! And find one he did! We got a 2004 Saturn Vue for an amazing deal. It only had 42,000 miles on it, and it can fit the dogs and baby seat and us perfectly! YEAH, our first car made in this century!! We have a 1997 Chrysler, which I call the “Big Blue Boat” and since the Saturn is now bigger than that car, it needed a bigger name. It will be my vehicle for carting around the munchkins, so we are calling it the “Mother Ship”. I think its a fitting name since it is a Saturn (haha, get it?). Besides, Jamie didn’t think “Mommie Mobile” was masculine enough for an SUV. So yeah, I now have keys to the Mother Ship!



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