college days

i’ve heard that everyone is only 7 people away from knowing someone famous. like you have a friend who knows a guy whose third cousin worked for a lady who knows the sister of the President, or something like that. well, i have a famous friend.

in college, i had a roommate named Jen DeMinco. she lived with me and another girl named Amanda during her senior year, which was my sophmore/junior year (its a long story). she was majoring in music theater and wanted to move to LA to try and “make it”. after graduation, she did just that. last time i talked to her, which was a couple of years ago, she was assisting a director who was directing a film starring Val Kilmer. she would tell me stories about walking the red carpet, trying not to look like an idiot in front of all the “mega stars”. i was watching tv the other day and saw an ad for the Screen Actors Guild award, which i knew she was a member of, which is what got me thinking about her again. so, being me, i decided to google her to see where she was.

she has a neat website, and if you look her up on the Internet Movie Database, you can see her resume. while she hasn’t landed any major roles yet, she is well on her way. she was a photo double and a stand in for Jessica Biel in Next and for the main chick in Mission Impossible 3.

she was a funny girl. some of the funniest things i remember about college involved her, like experimenting with different liquids trying to light the grill while avoiding going down the block to the store to buy lighter fluid … long story short, just go buy lighter fluid. or her friend that always said “really? really? i mean, really?”. or watching her get insulted by something and putting her hands on her hips and screaming “aaugh”. lol. oh the inside jokes that aren’t funny to anyone else.

so you should check out her website (click her name above), and go see her movies … she’s a great gal!


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