the stuff of Nightmares!

when i was 3, i was living in Alabama with my mother, sister, and brother. my dad had just left, though he came to visit occassionally. on one such visit, something utterly traumatic happened. little did we know, we had a family of flying squirrels living in our attic. on that evening, one of their babies found its way into the house. my sister woke up to this creature jumping on her. she flipped out and ran out of the room, leaving me, her helpless little 3 year old sister in there to fend for myself. well i have always been a very heavy sleeper, and her screams only served to slowly bring me out of sleeping. as my eyes adjusted to the darkness, i looked across the room and then i saw them. the beady eyes of the squirrel, staring straight at me. i screamed and went running out of the room. i found my sister on top of the coffee table in the living room, where my dad was sleeping. so i joined her on top of the table, and we both commenced dancing and screaming about the critter that was going to get us. my dad woke up, and went to go find the squirrel. he chased it around the house with a broom, to no avail. so my mom called her friend, who worked for the Park System, who came over with a trap to get rid of the beast. it took 2 days to catch that stupid thing. so, needless to say, big scary eyes really freak me out…

yesterday, during our Executive Committee meeting, i had my IM open so that the office could reach me if needed. at the bottom of the IM box, there are ads that scroll across, and this one was staring at me all day …

so, speaking of nightmares, apparently pregnant women have really strange dreams, and i think i win the competition of “weirdest”. lets just say it involved, hot air balloons, penquins, black paint, rope ladders, weasels, cereal, ocean rats, and Costa Rica… strange.


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