Battle of the Sexes

we are at 18 (almost 19) weeks in the pregnancy. we went yesterday for the ultrasound to find out if we were having a boy or a girl. before we got into the doctor’s office, we had a little talk with the baby and reminded “it” that the Bible says that children who obey their parents live a long life, so “it” better obey us and show us what “it’s” got! we invited our parents to the appointment. they didn’t do ultrasounds when we were born, so none of them had ever seen one. of course, jamie’s mom got there an hour early (she’s so cute, she wanted to make sure she wasn’t late and wasn’t sure where the office was). by the time we got there, both our moms were waiting for us, and not too long after we got there, my dad rolled into the parking lot. jamie and i went in first, they had to get things set up and we wanted to know before our parents did what we were having. after they told us and finished some necessary measurements, we called our parents into the room.

our moms just about ran over my dad to get into the room (but don’t let him fool you, he was almost as giggly as they were, he just hides it better). so they got in there, and the doctor gave them the “tour” …

after they got acquainted with what they were looking at, we introduced them to their GRANDDAUGHTER, CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH. That’s right, ladies and gents, we are having a girl!! now jamie gets to figure out how to raise a little girl, he’s already contemplating how many guns it will take to intimidate all the boys that could possibly go after our sweet little girl. the girls now out number the guys in the Tobler house … haha.


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