Life Is A Game

when i was in high school, i had a friend who would always play a game called “I Win”. he would say, “let’s play a game”, and I would always stupidly ask, “what game?”, he’d say “I Win”, then shout “I WIN!!”. apparently the first person to say “I Win” won.

pastor steve started a new series today about our Authority in Christ. he talked today about how it doesn’t matter what the circumstance is, we win. as humans we tend to look at everything and judge how “strong” it is (could be the reason guys are always doing silly things). but as Christians, we have authority, and power no longer matters. Goliath was stronger than David … but who won? the Red Sea was stronger than Moses … but who crossed who? when you get pulled over by a cop, it doesn’t matter if you could bench press him, he wins … because he has the authority. in Luke 10:19, Jesus gave us AUTHORITY over the POWER of the enemy. so stop trying to fight the things in your life, get out of the ring, look back and yell “I Win!!”

life is a game … and it’s called I Win!



One thought on “Life Is A Game

  1. hey jen-great thoughts! i thought it was really cool when pastor steve said, “get out of the ring!” it is so true. we don’t have to fight with the enemy, because he has already been defeated! when we grasp that, we can truly set ourselves free and take Authority! keep up the awesome posts!

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