the future brings back memories

As everyone seems to know, there is an epidemic sweeping our church. It is the WAVE O’ BABIES! Everyone’s having one. It’s a little bit scary. And here Jamie and I were concerned Charlotte wouldn’t have anyone to play with. But as more and more of our friends announce their good news, I began to think …

I started coming to this church when I was 16. I was a junior in High School about to turn 17, and I was invited to TwentyFour7 Youth Church and I’ve been going here every weekend since! There seemed to be a “crew” already started of kids/teens that pretty much grew up together here at LWFC. They were gracious enough and I was crazy enough to get involved! Most of them have gone on to other things, but some of them are still here. We all have lots of memories (good and “interesting”) of our teen years here, but now we are all married and having kids at the same time. Tabitha and Jo have little Scarlet, Jamie and I are having Charlotte in July, and Sean and Jennifer are now expecting too (and it won’t be long until Dawn has some news of her own … keep it up girlie, it’ll happen, it has too, it is contagious!). Pastor Micah was the youth pastor when we were all teens, and he has a son, Josiah, who is turning 6 this year. I figured it out: when Josiah is a senior in high school, our kids will be in Five7 (middle school). They are going to think that Josiah is just the coolest (to which Scarlet will roll her eyes in disgust that anyone could like her cousin). So in about 10-12 years, we who were once teens at this church will be watching our children be teens here too. Weird.

We all turned out alright, though some of us had to go through more things than others. I pray that we all don’t forget what we were like as teens so that we can help our kids navigate through those murky waters! Wow, the future really does bring back memories…


4 thoughts on “the future brings back memories

  1. That is so crazy! I never thought about that. It’s weird to think that far into the future when we just found out a couple weeks ago that we are going to be parents. I’m really glad our children will be able to grow up together 🙂 I know they will be in 24/7 before we even blink!

  2. jen Im very happy for you and Jamie and all the other young or new mothers. I think LW is awesome. My children love coming to THIS church, You will find it fabulous to watch them discover Jesus and see the Holy Spirit operate in their young lives. I didn’t enjoy church when I was younger it was just a place to be for me. When I hear my children praising God in songs and in prayer it brings back memories of what I did not have as a child. I am glad that God placed my family here to be with other children and parents who want the same thing.

    peace and love,

  3. Whew! At least we’re beginning this new season of motherhood together!

    I appreciate you and Jamie so very much. Joseph and I both do. We talk about it often. Scarlet and I always prayer for Charlotte as she lays down to sleep at night. Your little family is so very important to us as well as many others in this church. I have learned lately that it is so amazing how huge God can use an itty, bitty family that is knit together so very tightly and looking to Him for direction. We are so very thankful for close friends like you both. It is a true joy to know that our babies will grow up together.

    What an adventure life is! Motherhood is a long season, full of joy, tears, beauty, and new territory. I know that when this season ends, your family will rise up and call you blessed. You are a jewel to them. How awesome is that. What better honor could there be?

    I am so very proud to be on this adventure with you!

    (Gushy… sorry :))

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