Stalking Made Easy

Whatever happened to good ole fashion stalking? You know, standing outside people’s windows, showing up at their favorite restaurants, talking with their mother. With all the technology available these days, people make it so easy to stay in touch with every detail of their lives. In essense they are giving people permission to stalk them. I’m always astounded at how much teenagers will share about themselves online. Working with our high school group for so long really opened my eyes to how undeveloped thier brains really can be. They seem to think that the only people who read thier MySpace or blog or whatever they have is thier friends. Wrong. But just the other day i realized that it isn’t just teenagers that are getting swept up in this craze of sharing the very details of thier life with the whole world.

The Pastoral Management Team (PMT) here at the church are some of the most techie people I’ve ever met. They are always trying out some new online service, getting newer phones, and using language that I’ve never heard before (like jotting your twitter… really?). One of the tools they have started playing with is Twitter.

Okay, really? Could we make things a little easier for freaky scary people to stalk us? For what possible use could Twitter ever really be used? (Besides the obvious stalking option). If people really want to know what is going on in my life… call me. If you don’t have my cell phone number, or see me at church, then I probably don’t want you knowing the intimate details of my life. Then why do a blog, you may ask? Its mostly just a place for me to think outloud and rant about things. If you notice, I haven’t actually put anything up there that discloses things about my life you wouldn’t know already, or is so personal that it would embarrass me for you to know.

Call me old fashioned, but I’m not one to post my schedule for the world to see and follow my every move. No one cares that much.


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