steel-toe boots, please.

Pastor Steve is such a great pastor. He gives you “handles” to really understand things that you’d heard before but couldn’t quite grasp. I learn something new every weekend, but occasionally I learn something that while eye-opening and vital, kinda stings a little.

This past Sunday night, PS was talking about praying in the Spirit. I got baptized in the Holy Spirit when I was like 17/18. I remember that day so clearly, almost more clearly than when I got saved! It was during a Sunday morning church service and PS was teaching on something great (of course), then he asked if anyone needed to get saved for the first time, rededicate their life, or get baptized in the Holy Spirit, to come forward. Well, I had gotten saved, wasn’t running from God, had been water baptized, so I figured I’d go up for the Holy Spirit thing. Mike Noll took the whole group of us out into the back admin hallway, lined us up, explained what was about to happen, then went down the row and instructed and prayed for each person. I felt like such a goober standing there with all these people I didn’t know babbling like that. (Not to mention that I didn’t know Mike Noll at all, had only heard that he ran the ministry school and the Holy Spirit told him everything, so I was a little intimidated!!). So after Mike prayed with me and assured me that I “had it”, he moved on to the next person in line. So I still felt silly, but that night when I got home, I decided to try it again. I was all by myself, in my bedroom, and I no longer felt silly. I felt like I had never breathed before and was finally able to exhale! It just rushed out. It was awesome.

Fast forward to 2008. I have had my prayer language for 5-7 years. At first I did it alllllllll the time, for everything, about everything. It was such a relief to know that it didn’t matter that I didn’t know what to pray for, I could just pray in the Spirit, and it would all work out! But somewhere along the line, I crossed a very faint but very distinct line. We know that we have to have faith and know that God works things together for our good, but we cannot forget that the verses before that talk about praying in the Spirit. Pastor Steve said that the devil wants to keep you from getting your prayer language, and if you already have it he wants to keep you from using it. I realized I had been tricked! Recently I haven’t been praying in the Spirit as much as I should, but I was telling myself that it was because I had spoken in faith that the situation was “fixed in Jesus name” and I was standing in faith with that person so I didn’t have to pray anymore because it was “done”. What a dope! I seemed to have forgotten that my words have power, and though I had spoken in faith, more was needed. When you pray in the Spirit, you are praying OUTLOUD the perfect will of God, and the devil can’t mess with it. More words needed to be spoken over situations, but I had somehow convinced myself that I could “say the magic words” and it would work out. How silly. Well, I won’t be tricked anymore.



2 thoughts on “steel-toe boots, please.

  1. at least you know that you are always growing spiritually… even when you think you have reached the peak. Beautiful!

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