A Bittersweet “View-Haloo”

Have you ever seen Mary Poppins? You know, the movie about the nanny played by Julie Andrews who you thought was so great as a kid but when you watch it now you realize that she was actually kind of a jerk? Oh and it has Dick Van Dyke in it acting like Dick Van Dyke. Anyway, there is a scene in that movie where they are in one of Burt’s chalk drawings and are riding carousel horses and end up in the middle of a fox hunt. There is a big fat British guy on a big fat British horse that says, “View Haloo”, and the horse answers, “Oh yes yes indeed, View Haloo”. I don’t know why, but me and my sister always thought that was hilarious. So it kind of became a bizarre inside joke that neither of us really understand…

Should a blog title really require that much explanation??

With that said, the reason it is bitter sweet is because my sister is moving in the morning. Erin is 7 years older than me and has never lived more than 20 minutes away from me my whole life… up until I was 9, we shared a room! She leaves in the morning for New York City. I’m super excited for her. This is a chance for her to get away (our family can be a little nutty) and make a new start. This is such a great adventure for her. She’s never been the adventurous type, she’s more likely to be found watching people than actually interacting with them, so for her to make the move to THE NORTH (we’re from Alabama…) this is a huge thing. (Though she admitted to me tonight that she wants me to come up there and take her on a tour of The City because she doesn’t want to tour it alone.)

So I’m excited for her. But I’m going to miss her. (trust me, she understands the monkey picture).



One thought on “A Bittersweet “View-Haloo”

  1. Brian & I both have a love affair with NYC! When we ever discuss the “what if’s” of life… there’s always the discussion of packing up & moving there if we were living the “married without children” life. We’ve been so many times & it’s always our choice of romantic getaways. I hope your sister enjoys the experience & is thankful for the opportunity. If she embraces the city… she’ll surely fall in love 🙂

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