I’m getting Lost in Lost!

The Writer’s Strike is over … but we tv bound Americans are still suffering the consequences. New shows don’t air again until April, if they air at all this year. But Jamie and I have found a loop-hole … the internet! We canceled our cable because we discovered that pretty much any show we want to watch can be seen online the next day. Well, we have caught up with all the shows we were watching (Prison Break, Terminator, Pushing Daises, etc) … and have moved on to archived shows we never watched before. I fought it for a long time, but we finally started with Season One of Lost. … sigh.

So we have seen 3 episodes so far (what is the deal with the polar bear?? no, don’t tell me). And its funny because I’ve seen commercials for the current seasons, so I know that the older guy survives through until recently, so no surprise there … but its bugging me that Jack the doctor doesn’t care to know why Kate was in handcuffs. Just because you don’t want to know, doesn’t mean the rest of the world doesn’t want to know. Please tell me that we eventually find out what she did, but don’t tell me what it was! And is it bad of me to hope that the mean Asian husband dies soon, as well as the snotty little blonde girl in the bathing suit? I was kinda hoping that she would get picked off the group when they were hiking to the top of the mountain with the tranceiever … but then again her French did come in handy … but still.

Anyway, that’s enough about that. Until 24 comes back on, we have a new obsession to occupy our time.



2 thoughts on “I’m getting Lost in Lost!

  1. After suffering through the first season & a half of Lost (for my husband of course), I finally got out of that strong hold. I absolutely loath that show, but I think I might be the only one. You will definitley find out what Kate did… & as far as the cute blonde in the bikini…. well, I’ll let you discover her fate for yourself.

    Prison Break had the same happy ending for me 🙂 Forget the inmates breaking free… I was finally able to break free from another hour of my life that I could never get back. I mean seriously… how many seasons can you escape from prison?

    I’ve come to the conclusion that TV just isn’t my thing. & I’m okay with that. Good thing I have the internet! haha.

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