Babies, Babies

Today is my cousin Kristen’s birthday (yeah, happy birthday monkey!). My family gathered at her apartment this afternoon for a birthday lunch. Cooper was there, he is 4 weeks old already!! And his mom Ellen is already back to her pre-prego clothes. But Kristen is pregnant with Wilson, and her husband’s sister is having a baby girl in September. Babies, babies everywhere! Hehe, the napkins for the cake were funny because they said, “Because Chocolate Can’t Get You Pregnant” … haha. And Tiger, Kristen’s cat, was freaking out when Cooper cried … it should be quite fun to watch her freak out with Wilson (the cat is really not nice, so i don’t feel bad making fun of her). So there ya go … the wave-o-babies isn’t exclusive to Living Word … apparently its an epidemic in Wake County (well, i live in Franklin Co, so…)


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