DWTS – Jenn’s Opinion

Jamie was out of town Friday and Saturday for a conference near Charlotte NC. When he isn’t home, I don’t sleep much (normal house noises always freak me out when i’m by myself!). So instead of sleeping, I went online and caught up on Dancing With The Stars. It has only been on air this season for 3 weeks … but they had like 18 hours worth of show, most of which is a big ole waste of time. So since they were past episodes I was streaming from abc.com, I was able to fast forward to the dancing and results, and skip the extra stuff (who really cares about the Jonas Brothers??). So anyway, I’m now up to date on the contestants, and I have a pick for who is going to win. I think that it will come down to Kristi Yamaguchi for the ladies and Jason the football guy for the men. The judges weird me out (could they be a little more creepy?), and the hosts are really strange. Yet still I watch. Like I told my brother today, its probably because I want to be them (the dancers, not the judges or hosts), but he was right when he said that our family all got passed up on the dancing genes. So anyway, the only other thing I have to say about the season so far is … Is anyone else really frightened of Priscilla Presley? She scares me. She’s so quiet, but has this look on her face like she just “knows” something… shiver.


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