Let the Games Begin!

Jamie and Charlotte played their first game last night … at mommie’s expense of course.

Charlotte likes to push off things, so if I’m at my desk, she’ll push against the table. Or if I’m laying down on my side, she pushes against the bed … kind of like she’s jumping on it. So Jamie was amused that he could see my belly jumping as she jumped on the bed. So he poked the top side of my belly, and she jumped and pushed back. … And thus the game began. Poke – Jump – Poke – Jump. This went on for about 15 minutes. So think of it this way, she is now about 3lbs and almost 15 inches long … and she’s JUMPING inside my tummy. Fun.

Well, I’m glad they had some father-daughter bonding … even if it was at the expense of my other internal organs.


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