well i feel bad now…

so jamie and i are continuing our quest to see every episode of lost.  We are about half way through season two.  and i posted earlier that i hoped the blonde girl, shannon, got eaten by a polar bear … but now i feel bad.  she was just misunderstood.  all she wanted was for someone to believe in her, and when she finally found someone who really did believe in her, what happens … well, if you haven’t seen the show, i wont ruin it for you.  if you have seen the show, you know what i’m talking about.

but in every show you must dislike at least one character, and that character for me now is Anna Lucia.  I just don’t like her.  But i’m sure they’ll reveal something in her background that will make me dislike her a little less … but for now, she is the one.

I’m sure there is some kind of lesson in all of this.  something about not judging people before you know where they come from.  i think kelsie blogged about that the other day … its all about perspective.  what is a moody irritable chick to one person, when viewed from a better perspective is a hurt individual just trying to salvage what is left of a broken heart.  … sigh, i’m already disliking anna lucia a little less.  oh well, i still have “the others” to dislike in this show, and i really can’t see any redeeming quality to a group of people who sneak around the jungle stealing people… so there, they are my protagonist (is that the right word? or is it antagonist … i can’t remember, which ever one is the bad guy is the word i’m searching for)


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