oh the joy

so today was a good day. we went to the doctor today for the 28 week check up, the last of the 4-week visits (we are going every 2 weeks now!!!).  they stole my blood, i hate that part, and left me with a nice little bruise as a souvenir.  but we also had an ultrasound today… i love those 🙂  we got to see our baby girl again, and yes, we confirmed that Charlotte is still a girl (good thing b/c we paint her room pink tomorrow!).  We got to see her little feet and hands and legs … and the doctor made the “hello captain obvious” remark of the day when she told me that Charlotte is very active … duh, i could have told you that.  but we also got to see her little face … how sweet! hehe, she had her hand up on her forehead in the typical “drama queen” fashion, it was wonderful.  she is now 2 pounds 10 ounces, which apparently is ‘average’.  I’m still hoping that she won’t get much bigger than 6.5 pounds… but we’ll see.  she’s still on target for her July 10th due date, and everything was a great report.  i couldn’t be happier 🙂

but the day just got better. after an always awesome lunch at Falls River Smokehouse, we went and picked out the paint colors.  So Jamie gathered the painting supplies, and my mom and i went to find fabric for the curtains.  in the first store we went to, i found the exact pattern i’ve been looking for, and it was stupid cheap per yard, so i bought it on the spot!  then we went to Michael’s craft store to get some crafty projects for me to do tomorrow (like the super sweet little step stool i’m making tomorrow while everyone else is painting the nursery).  it was such a great day. i love days like this!


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