the True Strength of America

when people think of patriotism, they usually envision flags and soldiers. and its true that the strength of our country really does ride on the backs of our boys in arms. on May 1, i witnessed one of the best things in the world … my brother coming home from war.

he served in Afghanistan for 8 months on his second deployment. and while it was so amazing to see him come home, such a relief, what was more amazing was the people i was waiting with.

the families, the wives, the children, the ones left behind. they are the true strength of this country. it is their support, their endurance, that allows our boys to do what they do best. without them to come home to, it would be a much harder and longer road. (and i was so blown away by the tiny babies that were waiting to meet their daddies for the first time!).

Until they all come home…


2 thoughts on “the True Strength of America

  1. I just choked back some tears.

    I grew up in a military town, so I’ve been exposed to these women & children all of my life. First I was friends with the kids… & once I was older, the mothers with the newborn babies. I can’t imagine me & my children being without my husband 😦

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