Reoccurring Dreams

Have you ever had reoccurring dreams, the ones that you have over and over again at random times for no apparent reason? I’ve had a reoccurring dream several times in the past few months, its never the same thing, but its always the same theme.

I’m either at school (like high school) or getting ready for school, but I don’t know my class schedule and I don’t know where the classrooms are. I have all the books, notebooks, supplies and such, but I have no idea how to get around the school, where to find my classrooms, or when the classes even start.

I’m always torn between whether dreams have meanings or not. I think some do, but I think some are just random thoughts that your brain hasn’t processed during the day. So anyway, just thought I’d share my strange reoccurring dreams. What are your thoughts… ?


5 thoughts on “Reoccurring Dreams

  1. I have reoccuring dreams often. I was actually just thinking about this exact thing this morning, because last night I had one of my own reoccuring dreams.

    I have had this dream that you mentioned a few times before too. I’ve also had a reoccuring dream that I missed like a month of school without realizing it & I’m not able to move up to the next grade level 😦

  2. hmmm, maybe your dreams are concerning your approaching motherhood? you have everything that you need, as possibly prepared as you can be… its a huge event, that your mind, soul, body — everything about yourself is conciously and subconciously expecting this grande entrance from charlotte. and as prepared as you can be, nothing will be able to satisfy what exactly it will be, except for the experience in itself. and just like school, it will be a learning experience! lol — just a thought though…

  3. OMG: My re-occuring dream was that I was back in HS, at my current age, and I forgot my locker combination. The other one that I always had was my teeth falling out. That one seemed to ahve ended after I had my wisdom teeth out (I think)

    The other freaky dream type is the progressive dreams… Where you keep having the same dream over and pver all night long, but each time you get a little further along. Very weird.

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