Sandwich, anyone?

No, this post isn’t about food … though food would be really good right now (can you tell i’m pregnant?!) This post is about a man wearing a sandwich … well, a sandwich BOARD.

Before I show you Sandwich Man, let me tell you the story behind him. I recently went to hear Rob Bell speak. He was doing “the gods aren’t angry” tour. It was phenomenal. He is such a brilliant communicator, such a captivating story teller. Anyway, when we were leaving the theater, we met Sandwich Man. (PS, the video you are about to watch was posted by Sandwich Man, so that explains the introduction.)

So now that you’ve seen that, let me tell you why I want to tell you about Sandwich Man. It is important to note that Sandwich Man and his sandwich-less friend are standing outside of a CHRISTIAN event. So, all of the people you see walking in and out of the video, for the most part, are Christians. They believe in God, they love Jesus, and are going to Heaven.

So Sandwich Man is a little misguided. Well-intentioned, I’m sure. He genuinely wants to share the “truth” with people … however I think he has his “truth” a little mixed up. First, before you start standing outside a theater screaming like a mad-man, please do your research and know what the heck you are talking about and who you are talking to. They took the title of the tour at face value and didn’t seem to know anything about what Rob Bell actually spoke on. Second, if you serve a god who is so pissed off, I don’t want to have anything to do with that, and you must lead a sad life serving such an angry god.

I have been a Christian since I was 12 years old, so half my life at this point. The God I know and serve loves me. He loves everyone. His heart is broken because of the sin, but he doesn’t hate anyone. Hell was created for the devil and his morons … not for us. God doesn’t want to have any of us go there, but there is a natural consequence of sin. The Sandwich Man did get one thing right … not all are reconciled to God yet. There are plenty of people out there who are still drowning in themselves, in their own sin, in their own willpower to make it work. But God doesn’t hate any of them. And the people who are in that situation are usually the people who are hurting the most. So why in the world would you scream at them that God hates them? I’m sure they are thinking inside their own head, “no one can love me.” And then for you to scream at them that God, their only hope, hates them … no wonder they don’t want to be a Christian! God loves people … He hates the actual sin … but He looks past that to see the wonderful person He created, and the potential that they have to do great things.

The Bible says that we will be known as Christ-followers because of our LOVE. Let me say that I don’t agree with the methods of some of the other people in the video.  The guy in the middle did, however, start out really well by quoting actual Scripture that was the REAL truth, unlike Sandwich Man.

It makes me sad to know that that night there could have been a lonely girl, perhaps she was living on the streets with no where to go, and all she needed was for someone to offer her hope … but instead she heard Sandwich Man. It makes that Free Hug campaign sound even more needed…


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