the little things

sigh. there is so much going on. so much to do. so much to think about. so much to plan for. just so much to do. there are moments that i want to throw my hands over my ears and scream “lalalala, i can’t hear you!”. but unfortunately, i can’t. all of the things that seem to pile up are huge things … but when you look closely, it is a compilation of tiny little things that seem to clump together.

but it is also the little things that make life okay again. little things, like a dairy queen ice cream cone. a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that i didn’t have to make. a disney princess chocolate bar (thanks the-resa!). a pirate party (happy burfday jamie!). air conditioning (praise the lord!). walking through target looking at baby clothes imagining what my daughter will be like when shes big enough to wear the outfits.

… one day at a time. one step at a time. that’s all we can do.

This is a picture of the most amazing “little thing” … they are tiny desserts from Applebees … brililant!


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