feeling the love

Wow! I really cannot say enough how thankful I am for such an incredibly awesome family! On Saturday the staff, student ministries, and outreach teams, plus a ton of friends and family got together and threw me and Baby Charlotte a shower. I have been to showers thrown by the church before, so I had an idea of how super cool they can be … but when I walked into the warehouse and saw just how much effort was put in by so many people, I was really blown away. Here’s a few pictures I took to document the occassion … if anyone knows who was taking all the pictures (I just saw flashes, but never really caught who was taking them) please let me know. I would love to have copies of them!

Mmmmm … cuppie cakes!! My favorite!!

One of the birdhouses used to decorate the tables … now displayed in Charlie’s nursery.

The carseat from the Special Projects Team!

The complete bedding set from the group gift (mostly staff, I think!)

All the gifts piled into the nursery … and what a pile it was!

Thank you so much to everyone who was there, and THANK YOU especially to all the people that worked really hard to put the shower together! It means so much to us!


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