new found love

for those of you who know about love languages, mine are Quality Time and Physical Touch.  (please don’t feel the need to hug me every time you see me, it doesn’t work quite like that).  but you need to know that in order to really understand my new found love.

when i was in romania, tammy treated us all to a massage session.  it was the first time i had ever had one.  at first it was a little awkward (it was a guy massooose (don’t know how to spell that) and i didn’t really speak his language), but after i got over the weirdness, it was awesome. and a full half hour only cost us the equivelant of $4US!  since then i have had 15 minute chair massages, but not a full body treatment … until yesterday.

my dad bought me a certficate for a full hour full body treatement back in the fall.  at that point i knew i was pregnant and wanted to wait as long as possible before redeeming it, thinking that one day i would REALLY need it.  well, tuesday was the day.  it was one of my first official acts as a domestic engineer, and it was so worth it.  heck, it would have been worth the time and money just to go lay in that room with that music playing for an hour even if no one ever came in to give the massage! 

the lady i had was awesome.  and apparently giving a 9-month prego a full body treatment is challenging … a lot of pillows were involved. but it was incredible. it is a must-do for every mommie-to-be!  (dads, did you hear that??)  here’s the website of the place i went … so worth it!!


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