trying to ignore the countdown

charlotte is now 37 weeks. which = full term.  sure, her due date is set at 40 weeks, but she is fully developed at this stage and they won’t stop me if i go into labor this very minute (sigh, that would be great).  i was born at 35 weeks and jamie was born at 38 weeks, so while the old wives tales say that you are always late with your first youngin, i am really hoping she comes early.  but i got some really good advice yesterday … twice.

i was talking with a friend of ours, peter john, and he reminded me that while its not always comforting, it is sometimes true that your first baby comes late.  so he suggested that i go ahead and prepare myself for her to be late, then if she comes early it will be a pleasant surprise.  then last night at the leadership update, pastor connie said pretty much the exact same thing.

so, here i am trying to ignore the countdown.  i’ve been saying all along that i wanted her to be born in june, and that was for several reasons.  first, the weather is just so hot that the less time i have to spend with the portable oven attached, the better.  second, there are like 8,000 people in our families and friends that are born in july (my brother – july 1; my mom & her twin – july 6; jamie’s cousin – july 10; my dad – july 27; my birth father – july 22 (?); and the list just goes on).  but i need to resign myself to the fact that her due date is july 10 and that we probably won’t meet her until then.

but in the mean time, its game on with lavendar, chamomile tea, pressure point massage, and long walks!


3 thoughts on “trying to ignore the countdown

  1. I was so anxious for Keely to come early that I nearly drove myself insane! There wasn’t enough things to do to fill up the hours in the day to keep my mind occupied & away from trying everything in the history of old wives tales to get her to COME OUT! It was seriously torture. Shew… glad I’ll never be 37 weeks pregnant again. haha.

    In hind sight though… I realize that it’ll be here before you know it & then you’ll wonder how ready you really are :/

  2. That comment you made about the portable oven is hilarious!! I’m not really looking forward to being 37+ weeks pregnant…i’ve heard not good things…lol. Maybe she will come early…who knows…but that is really good advice not to count on it.

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