on her own terms

so, the question i keep hearing over and over again is “what? you haven’t had that baby yet?”.  nope. sure havent. and as much as i wish i was done, i still have 2 weeks until the official and unofficial due date.  i’m learning more and more that charlotte is a lot like her momma.  she likes to do things on her own terms.  for example…

we went to el doctor today (hiphiphoray for weekly visits), and my blood pressure was up, so they of course do the doctor freak out thing and stick a bunch of monitors on you.  so i’m sitting there (in a quite comfie recliner though) while a nurse tries to find charlie’s heartbeat.  next door there was an infant screaming its little head off, so the nurse was getting really frazzled.  after about 5 minutes of charlie kicking the monitor and running away to hide (where, i’m not sure), another nurse came in to take over.  (i mean, they are concerned about my blood pressure and i’m sitting there while they can’t find my child’s heartbeat … yeah, thats helping).  so while the two nurses are standing there discussing who should be responsible for shutting the screaming baby up, the little monitor thingie is sitting next to my belly unattended.  and then charlotte decides that she’s okay with it being there and snuggles up next to it to provide a perfectly good heart beat signal.  the nurses were shocked that she found it on her own.  i’m telling you, she does things on her own terms. (the tests were all fine, btw. they just had to check on her.)

so, i’ve decided that charlotte does not like to perform and will be making her grand entrance on her own terms at her own time.  all i can do is make sure that i’m ready for it! so… here we go a-waiting.


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