HA! I’m NOT crazy afterall!

do you have a memory from childhood that no one else seems to share?  perhaps its a movie, a song, a cartoon, an event, or some other expereience that you seem to be the only one who remembers?  well, for me, that memory was Psalty.  i’ve asked people about it, but no one else seems to remember the singing blue song book.

i didn’t really “grow up” in church, i never went to VBS (i actually had to ask what VBS stood for my first year directing DBTW!!!).  but one summer i was visiting my cousin’s church and there was this big squishy, singing, dancing, blue song book named Psalty.  it kinda creeped me out, but kinda intruigued me.  but anyway … its nice to know that i’m not crazy. Psalty really did exist!



4 thoughts on “HA! I’m NOT crazy afterall!

  1. Jessica, Kaleb, and Tyler were raised on Psalty the Singing Song Book and Gospel Bill. We even had cassette tapes so we could listen to Psalty all the time. And I mean all the time. I’ve enjoyed your blog – keeping up with you and your pregnancy. Glad all is going well. MamaD is hard at work on a gift for Charlotte. Since I saw your work on the room, I sort of detoured her to help it match a little better!

  2. I actually remember that bible!!! My grandma used to buy us Psalty cassette tapes! Do you remember those or are you too young?? 🙂

  3. When I was growing up in Kentucky in the early 80s, at Christ Church UMC, our music director (Eddie Rackley…that’s scary I still remember that) used to dress up in a giant Psalty costume, wear a rainbow wig, and paint his face blue when we did the Psalty plays. He used to pretend it hurt when people tried to turn the pages on his back.
    I remember listening to the yellow cassettes over and over on car trips. It was great! I can still hear the Arky Arky song in my head. “Gopher barky barky” still makes me laugh…
    PS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psalty

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