So Proud

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I absolutely adore my brother.  Yesterday was his birthday, the big 3-0!  But yesterday held a much greater honor for him.  See, he has been in the Army now for 7 years and has served in Iraq and just recently returned from Afghanistan.  Yesterday he was awarded the Bronze Star.

For several generations, the men in our family have served in the military.  Granddaddy served and was stationed in Guam, PapaD fought in WW2, my step-grandfather Wyatt was a Colonel in the Air Force and fought in several conflicts, my cousin Andy now serves in the Air Force, my other cousin Drew is in officer training right now, and my brother is a Medic with the Special Forces.  We are all so proud of our boys!

Its because of the bravery and self-less dedication of men like these that we have the ability to celebrate what this upcoming weekend represents … FREEDOM.

So as you all celebrate with the cookouts, pool parties, and fireworks, take a moment and remember … and be thankful.


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