i’ve heard that people are checking here and also checking jamie’s blog for any possible updates on charlotte.  well, the update is, she’s not here yet.

while i’ve been thankful that we haven’t been making unnecessary trips to the hospital for false alarms, the waiting is getting difficult.  especially because everyone knows when her due date WAS and knows that she obviously hasn’t come yet.  it’s almost easier to go to target or the mall because no one knows me and no one knows that she’s late.  i’ve talked with people whose babies were a whole month late … i don’t know how you do it. while knowing a due date is helpful for pre-planning, its frustrating when that due date comes and goes … July 10? no. July 11? no. July 12? no. July 13? maybe, we’ll see what the next few hours brings.

so here it is, 6am on Sunday morning, and instead of sleeping, i’m here blogging. don’t get me wrong, i love you guys, but i’d much rather be sleeping right now.  but i woke up at 5:30 with this overwhelming hunger, which is strange. so i figured i’d get up and eat something because labor can start at any second and once you get to the hospital i’ve heard they don’t really encourage snacking … plus hospital food can be gross.  so i just finished a piece of toast with some jelly from Costa Rica (sooo good) and am contemplating what else to go munch on…

there ya go, that’s the update. charlotte is still hanging in there, jamie is sound asleep, and i’m sitting here hungry. fun.


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