To The Ladies

The Connect Group I’m attending this track is the Women’s Book Club on Wednesday mornings at 10am, and the book we are reading right now is “I’ll Have What She’s Having” by Bobbie Houston.  It’s a really nifty book that is really making me think a lot.  The main premise of the book talks about living a life that others would want to follow.  As I read this book, I think of the women in my world that have lives like that (and ones that don’t, but we won’t go there).  Every person we meet has something to offer, something to teach, it is just a matter of identifying what that is for each person.  So I thought I would give a quick shout out to just some of the women in my life that make me say “I’ll have what she’s having!”

Tammy Queen – her passion for, well, everything, stirs me to pursue my passions in life.

Cindy Rice – she completely exemplifies the “gentle quiet spirit” that I personally struggle with so much!

Vickie Griffin – she’s a singing preacher, need I say more? (oh my word and her desserts make me want to cry!)

Susan Ramsey – this woman can pray and nothing seems impossible for her.

Pastor Connie – she has real faith, nothing fake, nothing superficial, just real.

Tabitha Suo – She is real about dealing with issues and is always there when you need her. Plus she’s crafty 🙂

Raisa Sanchez – when I met her and her family, I finally got a glimpse of what my family’s calling “looked” like.

Chelsea Westerhausen – I just want to be like her when I grow up.  Always smiling and happy about life, willing to do whatever it takes.

Kim Mitchell and Susan Dial – help me to see what a balanced mother/wife/pastors wife looks like!

Those are just a few of the ladies in my life that inspire me. Thanks for rocking my world!


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