and there she was

i’m sure most if not all of you have been religioiusly stalking jamie’s blog for updates on charlotte.  so i figured it was my turn to get in on all the blog stat hits action!

i won’t go into the details, cause jamie seemed to keep everyone up to speed. what a great live reporter 🙂 just suffice it to say that you cannot prepare yourself enough for what labor, delivery, and life after baby brings.  you can read all the books, know all the signs and symptoms, but when it comes down to it … you just don’t know. i am so beyond thankful for the amazing staff we had at Wake Med. they were incredible.  jamie and i had been praying to be “at the right place, at the right time, with the right people” when charlotte was born, and believe me, we were! the nurses we had were just the right ones and offered just the right thing when i needed it.  the first one, Kendra, was so awesome and would sit and talk with me, which i needed to keep my mind off the fact that hours were passing.  then suzie stepped in for her shift, and it was her soft strength and absolute attention that got me through the hardest parts of the labor.  she even skipped her lunch and stayed over her shift just to see us through.  the doctor that was on call when we first arrived at the hospital was the one doctor i orginally didn’t want, but it turned out that he was the one i needed to present me with the options and force me to make decisions as things progressed.  but then when the hardest parts came, the doctor i really wanted came on shift and was there to deliver charlotte.  it was unbelievably perfect.

another set of people i am so thankful for are my moms.  they were there for me from the minute we called on the way to the hospital.  and they have stayed by our side, sleeping at our house helping us get through and adjust to night time parenting.  they even went outside and cut the grass and trimmed the hedges for us. who does that? i know people always say that when you become a parent you gain a greater appreciation for your own parents, and it is true … though not as i thought it would be. sure, as charlotte gets older i’m sure i’ll gain a better perspective of what it took to raise me, but for now i have gained such an amazing appreciation for what our parents are still willing to do for us. (ps, my dad is right now looking at play yard swing sets for charlotte … how cute!).  if it wasn’t for their support … well, i just don’t know.

and then there is jamie. words cannot describe how much i need him.  i could not have asked for a better husband.  he was the coach who stood by me (literally, for 24 hours!), the captain who made me “suck it up”, but the friend who helped me find escape when i needed it most.

so after 41 weeks of pregnancy and 23.5 hours of labor, there she was…


2 thoughts on “and there she was

  1. Glad to see you are back to blogging even with how busy you are now! That is really awesome you have a ton of help from your parents…i know you and Jamie are very thankful. I’m very excited to meet Charlotte soon!

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