wierd things

so here are some weird things i’ve noticed since becoming a mommie…

i can’t feel my left thumb. (i pinched a nerve sometime in the 24 hour labor, Dr Joe is working it out!)

i can actually survive and be pleasant on zero sleep

women are better equipped for sleep deprivation than men

my daughter smiles when she’s fat-n-happy after a feeding

she’s the cutest sneezer in the world

spit-up really can come through the nose

she looks like a little old lady when she’s waking up

the umbilical stump isn’t as gross as i thought it would be

i actually can touch cotton balls (shudder)

… i’m sure the list will go on…


One thought on “wierd things

  1. Welcome back to your blog!! I especially found this one amusing. As a seasoned mother it is neat to watch new moms see things for the first time. I look forward to watching you, Jamie and Charlotte grow. Love you all

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