oh the tears

Crying it out. The big question is, who is supposed to be the one crying it out?  Jamie and I have begun the arduous task of letting Charlotte learn how to fall asleep and calm herself down … crying it out.  The thing is, I’m the one that ends up crying it out.  I had no idea that it could be physically painful to hear your child cry.  And 15 minutes is the longest length of time in the entire world.  It gets to 14 minutes and 55 seconds and I almost wish she would keep crying for another minute so I would have an excuse to go pick her up and make myself feel better!

But alas, I know that this is best for her in the long run.  She’ll be able to fall asleep without the aid of props and she’ll learn how to regulate her own emotions. Plus, after she eats she has lots of energy and its not like she can go run around the block to expend that energy, so crying is baby’s way of burning off some energy. We began yesterday during nappie time between feedings and at first it took her the full 14 minutes and 59 seconds to calm down, but now this morning she was able to calm herself down after only 5 minutes!  She has a pattern, she’ll calm herself down 3 times, and the fourth cry is the last one before she finally stops.

We are starting to learn her cries too.  If she is silent and suddenly starts screaming at the top of her little lungs = “i wet my diaper and i cannot stand to sit in such filth, get it off”.  Beyond that, she starts off whimpering then works herself to a full on wail, followed by pitiful ragged breaths, and those could mean anything … not sure yet.  Its funny, she doesn’t mind poopie diapers, but don’t let her sit in a wet diaper for more than a minute and you’ll have a tiny red-faced screaming banchee on your hands!

I’m just glad her tear ducts don’t work yet.  The first time I see a tear on that tiny little face … I’m gonna lose it!


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