sleeping through the night

the newest question on our minds is “do we let charlotte sleep until she wakes up hungry at night, or do we wake her up to feed at the 2.5-3 hour mark?”

everyone has a different opinion … and i haven’t decided what my opinion is yet.  my mom says she’s too young and needs to be woken up.  some new mom friends of mine say that she will wake up when she’s hungry so enjoy as much sleep as she’ll allow you.  i just don’t know.  she is so little, and i’ve read that some babies get so lethargic that they really don’t wake up to eat.  in the hospital they had me waking her up to eat.  but if she’s feeding okay and growing okay, i assume she’s healthy and will wake up when she’s hungry.  during the day she starts to stir herself awake around the 2.5-3 hour mark without me waking her up, and last night she went for four hours between feedings.  sigh, i just am not sure.

the sleep would be nice, but i want to make sure she’s getting enough to eat and growing healthy.  i almost wish i had one of those baby scales at home so i could know for sure that she’s growing at a steady rate … but i guess i’ll just have to wait another 2.5 weeks until her 1-month check up (aaah, a whole month old, when did that happen??)

one nice thing is that jamie has volunteered to do the 2am feeding for the past two nights, which means i get extra consecutive sleep (which didn’t work so well last night because i woke up hearing her crying as he was getting the bottle ready and i couldn’t get back to sleep until he came back to bed … so it was a little wasted, but at least i didn’t have to actually get up outta bed!).  the extra sleep is helpful, but i don’t know how much he’s gonna want to take that 2am feeding once he has to go back to work!!

well, she just finished a feeding and is sleeping (i think, at least she’s not crying…) so i better get back to bed myself.  we have a big day of going to Babies-R-Us later on … gotta get rested up for that!!


One thought on “sleeping through the night

  1. Hey Jenn! You may not remember me, but my husband and I and our four daughters attend LWFC…anyway…was reading your blog about the baby scale thing. Do you still need one? I have a metric scale that I used to make sure Olivia was growing well and you are welcome to it…you may not need it by now due to her age, but just let me know….I’d be more than happy to give it to you. Keep up the good work being a mommy!

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