gaining and losing

we took charlotte to the doctor today (i’m allowed one or two first-time-mommie-calling-the-doctor-freak-outs).  she’s fine, nothing at all wrong. but they weighed her again, she is up to 7lbs 14ounces … so she’s gained a whole 4 ounces back above her birth weight.

and as they weighed her, i stepped up on the big kid scale to see where i was. i hadn’t been weighed since the day before she was born.  and guess what! i’ve lost 26 pounds since she was born.  i was so excited! its so encouraging to know that i’ve lost over half of what i gained through the whole pregnancy! once i’m back down to the pre-prego size, the real work begins … getting back down to “ideal” (aka freshman year of college) size before we ever even talk about more kids! i may not be busting out “sweatin’ to the oldies” just yet, but maybe i’ll do some research on those baby-mommie excercises since i’m apparently still not supposed to be lifting anything heavier that charlotte!  but i’m super encouraged and just wanted to share the good news!


6 thoughts on “gaining and losing

  1. Congratulations Jenn!! That is very exciting that you have lost so much weight since giving birth. You have given me hope for when we have ours…lol.

  2. There is an exercise class at the factory called Stroller Fit. It’s just for mommies and their little ones. I saw a piece about it on the news. Mike works with the husband of the lady that teaches the class. Don’t know how old Charlotte would have to be, or how soon you could start. It sounded really fun. I’m sure you can google it and get more info.

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