seeing myself

most people that see charlotte say that she looks like me.  when she was first born, she looked exactly like jamie, but as the swelling and squishing from birth went away, she begin to look more like me.  when i look at her i feel like i’m looking at my baby pictures. its really strange.

the other morning i woke up (by morning, i mean 2am for a feeding) and saw myself in the mirror … and i had the exact same look that charlotte did when we try to wake her up. it was hilarious.  its really strange to see yourself in your child.  for now its just facial expressions, but soon it will be tone of voice, mannerisms, even words she says (i really need to stop using the word “crap”!!).

i’ve never been really good at hiding my thoughts from my face, and its funny to see those same expressions i know i give people reflected in the face of my sweet little girl.  like this one for example…

this one says … what are you doing? do you have any idea how tired i am? and there you are trying to sing me some stupid song about father abraham. just stop.


2 thoughts on “seeing myself

  1. this is so great. All of us mothers who have daughters can definitely relate. MY mannerisms in Keely have been evident for quite some time now, but it’s just been recently that after hearing Keely repeat exactly what I say & how I say it that Brian & I look at each other like, “wow!”. Funny thing is that I don’t even realize what & how I say things until I hear her repeat it. Then I internally say… ” my gosh… she really is mini-me!”. Especially hearing her call Cale, “son” before she scolds him, or her exact mimic of my “annoyed” grunt. & I’ve had to keep my “Shut up!” in check… even though I say it in a “you’ve gotta be kidding me” type of expression… still… probably not the best thing for her to repeat… even tho it’s friggin hilarious to hear her do it. & then there was the one time she looked at Brian & said… “Brian (yes, she called him Brian), what is that crap?!”. So yep… soon enough you’ll be learning to ditch those bad habits too Jen. I often wonder what children of cursing parents repeat. Scary. Pastor Steve is so right… they want to be you! It’s flattering & intimidating at the same time.

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