to hold you over…

its been a while since i last posted. i’m working on a few drafts, but nothing worth publishing yet. so to hold you over until my next post (i know you are all holding your breath!), i’ve decided to share with you a couple of times this past week that i had to put my foot in my mouth. here’s how the conversations went…

Patrick gave out Twinkies during Stage20. I got one. I turned it over to open it and said, “Oh how cool, you can even see the cream holes” of course referencing the places where the machine that made the delightful Twinkie inserted the cream filling. But Kelsie said, “Did you call me a cream hole?”.

I was feeding Charlotte, and at that moment both my hands were occupied, and of course it is at that moment that my thirst reached an unbearable point. So I asked Jamie to hand me my water glass as I worked to balance Charlotte with one hand.  He handed me the water glass without looking at me and I couldn’t reach it (he was staring at the computer). I said something about not being able to reach it and both my hands being occupied, so he offered to help me by “feeding” me the water. I told him no thank you because I was afraid he would either pour it all over me (and Charlotte) or drown me. He said, “Do you really think I would kill you?”. I answered (without thinking), “Not on purpose!”.


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