the right to “live the good life”

Jamie and I were watching a really interesting movie last night, “Lions for Lambs”.  It was very thought provoking.  It consisted of only 3 scenes and was an hour and a half in the life of these 3 scenes.  One was a senator talking to a reporter about the war in Afghanistan, one was a professor talking to a student about changing the world, and the third was of two soldiers actually in Afghanistan.  It was neat how the movie juxtaposed two scenes of people simply talking about changing the world from the safety and security of their own world and the scene of two men who were actually putting their life on the line to make that change the others were talking about.  Anyway, the thing that really caught my attention was one line from the scene of the professor and the student.

The student said something to the effect of, “It’s so hypocritical for our parents to have worked so hard to give us a better life than they had, then punish us for enjoying that better life.” The professor replied with something like, “When there are children starving, people dying, and countries torn apart with war, what gives you the right to simply enjoy the good life?”  He was challenging the student to do something with the resources he had, not just simply sit back and “enjoy” them.

It really made me think… do I have the right to enjoy the “good life” that I live?  I have an amazing husband, a gorgeous daughter, a wonderful home, an incredible church family, and more blessings than I can think to count!  But what am I DOING with those good things?  Am I using them to be a blessing to others, an example even?  Or am I sitting back and selfishly “enjoying” them all by my lonesome?  It reminds me of a conversation we had in the Wednesday AM bookclub.  In the book I’ll Have What She’s Having, Bobbie Houston said that it is one thing to know what you are called to, and quite another to be working towards that calling.  I have known what I was called to do since I was 15, but what am I actually doing to accomplish or at least make steps towards accomplishing that goal?

RESOLVE: purpose, intention, will, decision, determination, resolution.

“Resolve has you seeking the necessary tools and skills so you can secure your own destiny.” – Bobbie Houston


One thought on “the right to “live the good life”

  1. “ is one thing to know what you are called to, and quite another to be working towards that calling.”

    This is such a great post. I think it’s easy to get caught up in the everyday things of life & sometimes lose focus. Thanks for writing this!

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