beautiful picture

in the links to the left, you’ll see a link for SuperHero Designs.  and it is from this lady’s blog that i stole this picture…

the lady is a photographer and does some amazing work!  i think this picture is absolutely beautiful, so of course i had to share it with you! it makes me think of summer, childhood, fall, my grandparents, love, and dreams, all at the same time.  i wonder what she is thinking…  when i was growing up, my grandparents lived on the mainland facing Emerald Isle, so there were many many times in my childhood that i would spend evenings out either on the actual ocean side beach or out on thier dock in the sound watching the lights of the island slowly come on one by one.  i just remember it being so peaceful.  my childhood was an intersting one, with many turbulent times. but when i was there, it didn’t matter what was going on, had happened, or was going to happen… the world was at peace.  and seeing the stars wake up from thier daytime of sleeping and gazing at the moon as it tracked its way across the sky, always had a way of making the world right again.  … but that’s just what this picture reminds me of.  what does it make you think of?


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