a thankless job

being a mom is neat.  its still wierd though because charlotte doesn’t really respond much yet.  she is just beginning to get a personality (like that high pitched scream she discovered she can do). she’s slowly moving out of the floppy-head-give-you-a-blank-stare-before-my-eyes-cross-again stage. she can focus on more things that are farther away, will turn her head to look at you when you talk, and has even begun to smile… well, not at me.  she smiles for daddy. and while i’m excited that she loves her daddy and he can make her smile, it irritates me that she hasn’t smiled when i walk into the room.  … but thats okay, i get to spend all day with her and get to work on teaching her to say “mama”.  one of these days i’ll be the recipient of one of her “firsts”.


2 thoughts on “a thankless job

  1. Yes you will have plenty of firsts. I have to comment on what you said about Jamie being a wonderful husband. I am so happy that you two are together God was good to you both. You are correct no one will ever seem good enough for Charlotte but God is going to be good to her too because she has the first part of the puzzle wonderful parents who will love her and always see that she is safe in all she does. Charlotte has a super dad who will teach her and show her what she deserves in a husband and mommy gets to be proud that she gets to show her little angel what a real family looks like. I love you and you are doing a wonderful job with your little angel you are a great mom.

  2. hahah, one of these days you sure WILL be the recipient of one of her firsts!

    i wonder what it will be like, the first time that she realizes that its FUNNY to throw food at her mom across the table!? hahah 🙂 just kidding

    youre doing such a wonderful job! what an awesome mommy charlotte has!

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