the baby pool

My parents are taking me and Charlotte to Florida in September (Jamie will be away at a conference, so he’ll have to miss the fun).  In anticipation of this trip, I started to look for baby bathing suits for Charlotte.  Before you say anything, I already know … you can’t take a baby younger than 6 months swimming because they cannot regulate their own body temperature and therefore can get super cold really fast (the internet is a great resource).  So despite my failure to find her a bathing suit and my subsequent surrender to the fact that I can’t take her swimming, I was remembering the baby pool that is at almost every outdoor pool.

You remember the baby pool … that small shallow puddle of a ‘pool’ that was off in the corner, usually under some shade.  Well, I’ve started to feel kinda like that baby pool in my life.  Let me explain…

The baby pool always looked like fun. Safe fun. It wasn’t too deep to really drown in (I know I know, you can technically drown in only an inch of water, but you know what I mean), but it was deep enough to splash around in.  I feel like I’ve become safely shallow.  I am just “deep” enough to be able to splash around some decent thoughts or ideas, but not really deep enough to take a long swim.  During my blog-stalking sessions, I read all these great blogs of these people who have really put a lot of thought into their writing, and then I see my blog and the deepest thing I’ve put thought into was which picture to choose to compliment the silly blurb I’m publishing.  The baby pool also attracts just that … babies.  I would love to have some really thought-provoking conversations, but it seems like all the conversations I’ve had recently have been very surfacy … safely shallow, if you will.  And that’s because I haven’t tried to invite those thought-provoking, conversation-starting ideas out of anyone or have offered any myself.  And on top of all that, the one defining characteristic of baby pools is how many people “relieve themselves” in it.  (Just remember, if you hit a warm spot in a pool … KEEP GOING).  It’s not that I feel people have been dumping on me (sorry, bad pun) or that I have been unloading my issues on them … its just a general feeling of poopiness.  … So there ya go … my analogy of the baby pool I feel I’m swimming in.

Time to move to deeper waters…


4 thoughts on “the baby pool

  1. Very interesting. You know there are “warm spots” in the deep pool also. I guess that may come from people who think because of how big they are they can be in the deep pool – but they really have not matured yet 😉

  2. That was really good. I think a lot of other people feel the way you do and just needed someone else to relate to them. I”ll have a conversation with you : )

  3. I know how you feel. Its kind of like, I don’t want to be the fat dad throwing his daughter in the air as my fat jiggles. I want to be the cool buff dad in the grown up pool carrying my daughter on my muscle lumped shoulders.

  4. This is a great post. I know you feel like you’ve been in the ‘baby pool’, but I think just being so real and open in your posts is a sign of swimming in the deeper waters. I can’t wait to read more of your future posts, as well as to see what pictures you post – they’re always alot of fun! 🙂

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